Tuesday 3 May 2011

Wrapper Class in Apex/Visual force page

Wrapper class is a very powerful concept that can be used in multiple scenarios. Putting aside the word "Wrapper" it is nothing but just a class.Just like what we have in a class ,we  have methods,Properties etc in a wrapper class too.Here is an use case for wrapper class

Requirement : A Visual force page has to display all the Contacts available for an Account .Contacts should be listed out in the table row wise(default being column wise) . Only created "date"(Strip the time part) of the contact should be displayed .

Sample page:

Apex Code :

Visual force page :

Result :

Huh!! now please don't catch a bug here that no values are displayed for phone. I admit i missed them..Pretty tired ...accept my apology and take it for granted :) :)

Power of wrapper is seamless .It can be used to process only the records that are selected in vf page.Click on the link for example.


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